Apple Watch ‘prolonged my life’ by spotting deadly heart illness just days after new ECG feature launched

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Apple Watch ‘prolonged my life’ by spotting deadly heart illness just days after new ECG feature launched, gadget owner reports:

A MAN’S life may have been saved by taking an Apple Watch ECG just days after the feature launched in Europe.

An Apple Watch owner was reportedly able to detect signs of Atrial Fibrillation – a heart illness that can cause deadly strokes – using the gadget.

The Apple Watch can perform an ECG that detects signs of AFib, a potentially deadly heart condition
Apple added the new ECG feature to detect AFib on the Apple Watch Series 4 late last year.

And just last week, Apple finally launched the feature in the UK and Europe, after getting approval from the EU.

Now one customer has seemingly used his Apple Watch to detect the condition, which may otherwise have been missed.

Dr Michael Spehr, of Germany’s FAZ newspaper, received an email from a reader explaining that the Apple Watch correctly alerted him to his previously undiscovered condition.

An apparent Apple Watch customer reported that his life may have been saved by his smartwatch
In screenshots of the email, the customer explains that he initially thought the feature was “for hypochondriacs” but decided to “try it out, just for fun”.

But the Apple Watch was “constantly” reporting Atrial Fibrillation.

“Never noticed anything before,” the customer wrote.

“Also a doctor friend said: do not worry, probably just a measurement error!

“But nevertheless I visited my physician, a 12-channel ECG was taken, the physician weighed his head deliberately and said: ‘The watch is right’.”

This is the single biggest reason to upgrade to Apple Series Watch 4 – potentially life-changing.