Bradley Chambers on iOS 13 Potential for iPad



Comment: iOS 13 will be the most important release to date for iPad – 9to5Mac:

The challenge for Apple with iOS 13 on the iPad is keeping it simple, but also improving how it handles complex tasks that typically have been best served by macOS. If I was a product manager in the iPad group, I would be constantly arguing that the iPad needs to be able to do everything a Mac can do. Yes, they are different devices, but users should be able to pick up either one and get the same things done. It’s really time for the iPad lineup to get the same Pro upgrade with the software that the hardware has gotten in recent years. Tasks like file management have got to become easier. Mobile Safari has to be removed, and a desktop-class browser has to be added, and I will argue that the iPad needs to get trackpad/pointer support.

I really don’t ever see desktop-like trackpad control coming to iOS, other than the curser trackpad control it already has. iOS is built to be a touch-first operating system with legacy point control such as a mouse and trackpad not intended for by design. I would agree that Safari could always be improved on iOS especially when it comes to working in web apps like Google Sheets compared the macOS Safari version but there is a simplicity in mobile Safari that feels light and intuitive which again I feel is by design – applications need to adapt to the iOS – not the other way round. I believe Apple wants its iOS-generation of users to embrace working in iOS rather than trying to get it to work like how they are used to on macOS or even Windows for that matter even if that means the apps that Apple offer on both different operating systems require a learning to curve to overcome.