★ The iMac and spinning-disk disappointment


The iMac and spinning-disk disappointment – Six Colors:

I will guarantee you that the single greatest bottleneck in terms of speed on the base 4K iMac is that slow spinning disk drive. People who spend $1299 for a 4K iMac in 2019 deserve not to see a spinning beach ball—but they probably will. This is one case where Apple should either take the hit on profit margin or just raise the price if it has to.

Raising the sales price of the iMac to cover their manufacturing cost over the bottle-neck-spinning beachball experience for the customer is surely a justifiable decision that needs making here.

And while we’re making wish lists, how about a new enclosure that reduces the size of the bezels and adds Face ID, too?

Face ID coming to the Mac seems like a given and only a matter of time considering the placement of the camera on the iMac and MacBook range and would seem a much more fluid and neater solution to authentication on the Mac compared to the existing Touch ID button.