★ Why we should be wary of Apple Watch ‘ultimate’ health guardian claims


Why we should be wary of Apple Watch ‘ultimate’ health guardian claims | Cult of Mac:

The ultimate guardian for your health? The problem here isn’t necessarily with the technology itself — which may (and probably does) work incredibly well. Hence the FDA clearance.

It is, instead, the risk of misleading the public into thinking that the device can be totally relied on it and is, to use the words of Apple COO Jeff Williams, the “ultimate guardian for your health.” Apple is a brilliant company when it comes to marketing. As a recent video compiling all the adjectives at last week’s Apple event makes clear, it is also a master of hyperbole. But when it comes to selling medical products, rather than just cool consumer products, this behavior won’t necessarily fly.

As Murthy concludes, “We’d never accept such broad statements from a pharmaceutical ad and we shouldn’t accept it from marketing for a device.”