★ HomePass for Storing Homekit Setup Codes


Zac Hall:

Deciding how to manage all of those eight-digit setup codes is one challenge every HomeKit enthusiast faces. Accessory makers warn that misplacing codes can make it impossible to set up devices again in the future, and not all accessories include a copy of the code on devices.

HomePass is a brand new iPhone and iPad app designed to solve that problem by easily storing all of those eight-digit codes for you, and creating new entries in the app is super easy.

Simply grant HomePass access to your HomeKit configuration and the app can detect what smart home accessories are already connected. From here you can find the correct accessory description which includes the room assigned through HomeKit, then reference your setup label to manually type in the eight-digit code.

HomePass includes built-in iCloud, too, so your codes are synced between iPhone and iPad and automatically backed up in case you lose your iPhone. After accumulating over 40 HomeKit accessories over the years, locating all of those setup codes was a pain after resetting my HomeKit configuration and starting over after moving last year.

Seems worthwhile indeed.