★ Text snippets now support multiple lines, iCloud sync


Charlie Sorrel:

Text Snippets are one of the most useful “unknown” features on Mac and iOS. They let you type a few letters, and have them expand into a whole word, sentence, or paragraph. You can use them to type, say, aadd and have it turn into your office address, for example, or to type a symbol that is usually hidden on the iOS keyboard: xx to type a #, for example.

Until now, though, Text Replacement has been a pain to use. It never synced properly between devices, and it didn’t support multi-line snippets. Now, in an update that came last week, both of those have been fixed.

Now, Apple has switched Text Replacements to CloudKit sync, which is the same magic sync used by other apps like Notes. It is rock solid, and it was switched on for Text Replacements last week.

This is the type of service that power users will know and use but everybody should use it. Available to Mac and iOS users, you can program just a few letters or initials so that when you type the said word or initials, replacement words or whole sentences will immediately replace what you have just typed – One of my replacements is to type em1 which will replace em1 with my email address. If you find yourself having to type your address, telephone numbers, email addresses etc., this is a great time saver. Essential.