★ Matthew Panzarino’s Review of iPhone X at Disneyland


Matthew Panzarino for TechCrunch:

So I’m back on my…business…and did it again. I’ve had the iPhone X for a week and decided to put it back through the same gauntlet.

Disneyland is a vacation spot that has you using your iPhone like crazy every day. You take pictures, you look up directions, you use it for ticketing and FastPasses for rides. It’s hot and you’re distracted, and if you have kids you’re trying to keep them alive and in proximity while keeping them fed and hydrated enough to actually have fun on vacation. If a character walks by you need to be able to flip your phone up, shoo your kid over to them so they pause for a minute and be able to nail that in-focus shot. You’re bound to get that work call or need to reply to that email while the screen fights a battle against the nuclear fire of our star. Your fingers are greasy with churro grease and sunblock, your battery is getting hammered and there’s (almost) no Wi-Fi. It’s hell week for your phone and still, it just needs to work.

Brilliant, funny and a realistic review from Matthew Panzarino of the iPhone X whilst at Disneyland.