★ 1Password 7 Adds Face ID Support



Ahead of the iPhone X’s public debut tomorrow, 1Password received a significant update today that brings native Face ID authentication, plus enhancements for clipboard integration and iPad users.

With Face ID integration, iPhone X owners will be able to unlock their 1Password vault by scanning their face. I haven’t been able to test this feature as I don’t have an iPhone X yet, but in a video shared by iMore’s Rene Ritchie earlier this week, you can see how Face ID integration in 1Password yields a seamless unlocking experience that feels smoother and faster than Touch ID. Of course, Face ID support means 1Password has been updated for the iPhone X’s Super Retina display as well, taking advantage of the edge-to-edge screen and new status bar design.

I’m currently experimenting of going without 1Password and instead solely relying on Safari and iCloud to look after saving and syncing my passwords and logins and the Notes app for everything else so it may be the case that I will no longer need 1Password which I suspect will be the outcome.