★ AppleCare – A Must Buy



The company has updated its flat-fee repair pricing page to show that a screen-only repair will cost $279, and all other damage $549 – more than half of the purchase cost of the 64GB model.

Percentage-wise, this is broadly in line with other iPhone models. An iPhone 8, for example, costs $699 for the 64GB model, and a repair will run you $349. But the actual dollar amount for the iPhone X is large enough that it may give some people pause for thought. Especially given that all-new glass back.

With AppleCare+, the prices are reduced to $29 for a screen repair, and $99 for anything else. But the coverage costs a stiff $199 for the iPhone X. Break anything other than the phone, and that’s still a total bill of almost $300 for premium and repair fee combined.

Bottom line – dropping over a thousand dollars/pounds for the iPhone X? Get AppleCare.