★ Apple Watch with LTE Potential


Chance Miller:

The Apple Watch argument is a bit different. There are countless instances where I would love to leave my iPhone in the car or at home, but simply can’t due to the possibility of a family emergency or something else that requires an immediate response. With an LTE Apple Watch, however, I could do just that. Leave my iPhone behind, yet stay connected wherever I go. Whether it be out for a hike with the dog, out to dinner, or even just for an “iPhone-free day,” which sounds quite appealing a lot of the time.

There’s much more to this argument, though. Apple has to ensure that Apple Watch truly remains fully functional without an iPhone connection. This should include app notifications, calls, SMS messages and iMessages, and more. The whole lot. One missed notification because of a weird forwarding bug completely erases the peace of mind that an LTE Apple Watch provides.